sornione0011_forteI feel your closeness to me, is like a twirl  of emotions inside of me and it enough to close my eyes and i  feel you embrace me tight and our flows begins to connect eachother. And when i see you glance into my eyes i just can smile and i think you are doing the same on the other side of the planet, while  you take a look at this diary. Tonight while i was watching the television i’ve heard a definition of the twin flames. It almost shocked me. Immediatly i thought to our parallel world. And as if we  are twin flames in our ‘parallel universe’, in our parallel world, and if it was all real. I wouldn’t be so crazy. And i wouldn’t be crazy to tell you, how i feel you so close to me as this moment, despite your distance.  If i close my eyes i can  feel you turn around me, while i typing on this keyboard. I feel you dont take off your eyes from me, and my heart beats like a crazy. I dont becoming a crazy. Maybe our parallel world makes part of one thing most big. Our continuos flow is those spark that turn on this strange feeling we feel when we get connect. All it would have more sense. It woud have more sense, also, when i feel you try to tell me something and few day foward you tweet. Two days ago, i  had sensation that what you did it was a duty, and tonight i had the certainty. And now i feel, you only want, embrace me sweetly tight. My thoughts are towards to you. I whisper you ‘I love you‘.


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