This aint

talkchiaroeA coincidence. No at all. This it’s called connection. Yesterday i’ve felt something that today you would be come to see this my open diary, and you did it. How is it possible that our connect is so strong till to this point. You looking at me in silence, and my vise get bigger and bigger. I feel you close to me, despite our distance. I feel you by my side, i feel you are embrace me, slowly. I need to close my eyes and i must take a deep breath. Our flows get connect eachother so fast, that my head is exploding and my heart is beating like a crazy one. What which i see in to my amethyst ball is our parallel world turns and it want says us something, that we know already. From a dream from which was born, our connect get bigger and bigger. And now it enough, we know what the other will do. This still scare me a  little. Since when i was a child i have had this perception. But i never thought to have it with you. Im a reasonable person, but this it goes beyond the reasonable things. Now i must think that our parallel world is something real, and all this that is happening among us is something it goes beyond. I want believe, since when i’ve had that dream, that something, that i’ve called parallel world, has made click in our minds and we didnt realizing it. Does we have the same sensibility? I know you have great soul, and heart… but are we connect till this point?



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