When i look

At you and my feelings punches my stomach like they did now, i’m sure we are start to get connect. Something says me our parallel world is close to eachother in this moment, and my heart as your, begins to beat fast. We are in confusion, but if we close our eyes, our emotions runs fast. Yours from me, and mine from you. In the air we can feel our scent, and this make us drive crazy, because we  are so far one from another, but despite our distance we feel this little things. I must to close my eyes and make the usual deep breath to dont drive crazy, because i feel you here close to me, behind me, you embrace my chest and you take a look to what i write here in this open diary, and everything , it leave me without breath. I feel your arms around me. I can hear you breath on my skin. I would like turn myself, but you whisper ‘Remain still so… close your eyes’.  Slowly, you turn my chair. I feel your hands on my body, they are changing position. They are so soft. While i feel you still turn me around, i bite my lips. I know something beautiful will happens soon. And it’s so. Your hands touching my face, while your lips are approach mine. I open my eyes in the exact moment your mouth lays on mine. My deepest emotions comes out. Your kiss makes me explode. I dont understand anything anymore. In your kiss i feel your passion, your hidden feelings, i feel everything of you. In that kiss you tell me that which you have still didnt tell me. A long kiss that it seems to have no end. I felt it. My heart is still exploding inside. And the most strangest thing is, we living in opposite side of the world, but we can feel these strong feeling despite all.



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