That’s incredible

daria23longlukearnoldIt was from few days, i’ve felt it, but i didnt tell anything, but when my little voice inside of me told me to check it, i’ve seen it. I didnt cant want believed to that. But is happened once again. My head has exploded like a bomb. What which i’ve feel it becames true, once again. But in these hours i feel your restlessness. I feel, you have didnt would like to do that moves, but, by now, you did it. I feel your thought are toward to this side, toward to our parallel world. I’m here, i wait for you, as always. And as always in these hours i feel you close by my side more than ever. How is it possible all this? I feel your thoughts, your doubts, your duties, but above all you desire to escape from this world, that, in some ways, it press you. From the other day, i feel you embrace me. This is your desire. To embrace me  tight and what you’ve whisper me now, has  a logical sense. My head explode, and also my vise in stomach. Now the punch i felt in these days is more significant. I’ll be here for you. You can tell me everything you want. Despite our distance, i’ll understand everything. I’ll be by your side, always.




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