As if

You arrive from behind and you embrace me. It’s this feeling i feel from earlier, and you whisper ‘You’ve missed me a lot’. And you hold me tight. I hold your arms too, but slowly i turn to have you in front. Our bodies touches, we are so close, that our faces touches too. Our eyes meet and as if we never had look at us, we dont take off eyes, one from another. In this our little universe, our parallel world explode with all our lights floats around. Now, our desire, is only stay in silence while around and inside of us, our feelings says us which we feel. I place your hand on my chest and you look at me. You whisper me ‘It beats fast… as mine’, and slowly you take my hand close your heart, to make me feel, how it beats. We mentioning a shy smile and we continuig to stay in silence, while we are in front one of another. You caressing my face. I close my eyes, while i feel your soft hand. I must to take a deep breath. I know, you looking at me. You feel each emotions trough my mind and my body. ‘I want embrace you’. My heart explode in million pieces and what which it comes out are a moltitude of little lights and melt around. You approach and sweetly closer and your arms around me. I place my face on your chest, but right after, you take it in your hands and slowly approach your lips on mine. And as if we are sorround by a light white veil, we disappears in our parallel world, kissing eachother.


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