And you

smiles_forte3Smile me in this way, around me and around us, explode our parallel world. When you looking at me in this way, by now it’s useless to say you what i feel, ‘cause you know it already, while you approach me, and slowly your hands touch my hips, while our glance meet. Gently i approach my hand to your face and you let me do it. While my hand is approaching, you bring it to your mouth, where you begin to kiss it slowly. My heart explode, while i look at you eyes half closed. And my breath get slowly fast. I must to take a deep breath, while i still i look at your eyes, now into mine.
Our mouths meet and slowly, a whisper escape, when, by now, our lips touch eachother. ‘Remain with me’, and your hands holds my body tight close to yours. You caress me, repeating that phrase, while our mouth melt in a kiss passionate, and we disappering in it.



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