I remain

dealing0016_forte-1Always breathless, when i look at your eyes and i find in them something new that make me feel you close to me, as this moment. I feel in them our parallel world explode and our lights begins to float like in a dance. And my sensations get bigger and bigger when i close my eyes and in a second i feel you here, by my side. It enough to close a little tthe eyes to see you around, and take a deep breath to feel your hands on my skin trough my t-shirt. You leave me the breath, while we looking at eachother, without say nothing, but in our glance, we say us everything. While we looking at us, you overwhelm my feelings, and my eyes become polishes. I must to close my eyes for another second. While you take my face in hands. ‘Free your emotions’ you whisper me. Slowly i open the eyes and i look at you, taking once again a deep breath. ‘You have no idea, how much you make me feel alive’ i reply, touching your face with my finger, and you accompany it till to your neo. Touching softly your skin, and without take off our eyes, one from another, some little tears falls from my face to your hand, where they become part of our great emotion, that we feel. And while these little tears melt you approach me, and get closer and closer our faces touches eachother and what we see our parallel world in eyes, one in another. While we begin to kiss us, we take flight, while we feel the softness of our lips.



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