Your closeness

loaded_forte167Is tangible, as your embrace around my hips, and my breath get shorter and shorter. I must to close my eyes to dont drive crazy. My heart beats like a crazy and you know it, from the other side of the planet. We are get connect eachother from earlier. Our parallel world turns around our feelings, and despite we are far one from another, we can feel our emotions float and melt eachother. My head explode, and in some ways, i know yours is doing the same. I have stop to do what i’m doing to start to write here, how i’ve feel myself. Only writing what are my feelings in this exact moment, i can calm myself, but only a little. Because my heart is still beating fast and my thought are towards to you. What i feel in this moment is like as if you was real here by my side, and as if you watch me type to this keyboard, instead you are to the other side, but in some ways, i know, our minds get connect. Our flows are get bigger and bigger, and you feeling them too, as if we are talking trough our feelings and emotions. And we are talking of one of the  most feeling we both feeling in this moment of our lives. And we both, we are living in this fantastic world, which is our parallel world.


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