Once again

jakenowakoski0019_forteYou leave me without the breath. To the end i’ve found this pic, and while i saved it, i’ve felt you around me, as now. What i feel when you’re around me, it’s the most big emotion i feel in these moments of my life. I feel you, as if you was next to me and as if you look at me despite you are on other side of the planet. In you eyes, what which i see is our  parallel world. Also in your facial expression, i can see the most beautiful place where i would love to be. There, in our parallel world, where our sensantions can express themselves in each forms they wants. When i see you in your glance, as this one, i can dive myself and tell you with no shame what you makes me feel. I smiling, while my heart explodes and i feel you dont take me off your eyes. You make me blush. I bite my lips, while you approach and touch my face. Face to face, slowly i begin to caress your face, while you smiling to me. Your shy smile, and you know i drive crazy for it.  Gently you take my face with your hand. Eyes in eyes, you whisper me ‘I’ve always needed of a woman  like you, and now you’re in front of me’. I look at you with wide eye open, and the only thing i can is,  to look at down for a second, and right after i take once again a deep breath, i look at up to you and i whisper ‘And i’ve always needed a man like you’. Without realizing, slowly, we hold us our hand, one in another.


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