What i feeling

bs141_forteNow, it’s a incredible feeling, and what i have rembember it’s very earlier of our dream in december. And everything as if was like a puzzle. Each piece has a meaning  and now it fills a thing more bigger that i could never imagine. All is began when i’ve dream you, you’ve talk about me to your brother and your friends. I have, almost, deleted this dream. But when, last night is happened what is happened, it turned  me back in mind. And now, what i think, it’s something more complete. Surely it’s still strange what which is happening among us. And our feelings getting bigger and bigger each day we are connect.
Surely, aint a case what which has happened last night. No one takes from my mind off, that you have mentioned me to someone very close to you, maybe you’ve tell what you knew about me. All that, what i feeling is a strong feeling, and now i feel you so close to me, and i see you smiling to me, as if you know what was my emotions in these hours. You can see my joy in these few lines. And if you put your hand on my heart, you can feel it explode. What i feel in these moments i cant describe, but i’m sure you can feel it. Our parallel world is around and only us we can see it.



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