When everything

00323forteTake me to you, i can remain only breathless and my heart explode in little million pieces and i thrills. And i think just, that our parallel world getting bigger and bigger around. And i’m sure you think the same, maybe in other way, but you are thinking the same. And im sure, more i write in this open diary, more this path, that we have in front, is getting shorter and shorter. Sometime, i think, our connect is the most big  emotion i have had in my life, and it’s so. In this period is so strong. In every corner i place my eyes i see something that take me back to you and aint only a coincidence. Something, maybe our parallel world we have created during that dream in last december, it wants say us that in some ways we will meet, and all i writing in this open diary, it’s the right way to  approach us, in an unique way. And if i think that all that could be, one day,  it could comes true, i cant hold back my tears. I’m sorrounded by many feelings and emotions that i never felt. I feeling them only with you. And what i feeling with you, goes beyond love. It’s something more.


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