My head begins

5714_contrario_forte0011To turn, when in some ways we get connect, by now i check your social  and by now it’s a win bet. By now, i know you been there few minutes earlier. Maybe we have develop this strange alchemy and we communicate trough this our flow that is born between us, also unconsciously.
Now my thoughts runs fast and i cant collect them in only one. If i was in front of you, in this moment, i’d hold your hands and i’d look at you and i’d start to tell you eachthing i have in my heart, each my feeling. I’d tell you of a friend of mine who has asked me “How are you?”… i reply him “It’s allright, as usual”, but in truth i’m feel alone and the only moments i feel very good, it’s when you’re close to me, when we are connect, when i feel your closeness here in my bedroom and our parallel world slowly opens, and when we are in front one of another, our lights floats in  the air, while we looking at them while our hearts exploding at the same time, mine here, and your on the other side of the planet. When our glance meet, while we touching eachother. When our flows are going crazy, we think to faint for the great feelings and emotions we feel around in and outside. Im feel alive only when i feel connect with you. And i wait for our flows get connect. And thank god, it happens, by now, eachday. They are few, the days i feeling you far. By now our connect is costant and i really need of it, like oxygen


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