It begins

nick_lineare166So slowly to get bigger and bigger til to make me feel a little in confusion, our connect, and i know it’s you. By now i know it you for sure. And everything around brings me to you. And i only me, notice that. And all that makes me smile inside. And while happens all that, all my thoughts are towards to you. And all that has of  incredible. And im sure are noticing all that you too. While im writing these little thoughts, i feel you are around me, i feel your closeness, i see you are smiling too. You are more aware about that than me, i know it. Im still surprise myself of our connect, and all that  has began last december, and by now it should be a normal thing, but for me it’s still an incredible thing. When i begin to feel our parallel world close to us, my feeling starts to expand and i start to feel you close to me, and all this i love it so much.


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