You’ve overwhelm me

And you’ve embraced me so tight. It’s what i’ve felt earlier. You ran to me and overwhelm my feelings. I’ve felt you and i feeling you now, i must to take a deep breath to dont faint. I feeling you around me, you embrace me, taking my hands, place them to your chest. I need to close again my eyes. This is a strong feeling. My heart, as your, exploding. We stay in front one of another, we look at us intensily,   as if we have to say something, but we dont say nothing. Our feeling, runs fast trough our flows. You have something to say, but i cant hear you. What i which feel, is your need to place my hand on your heart. I feel it beating like a crazy one. Our flows are going crazy. I feel your emotions exploding. In our parallel world, i take your face in my hands. I look at you in your eyes and i whisper you ‘Close your eyes. Take a deep breath with me’. I caress your skin. I know, you try to tell me something, i feel it. Our flows are so strong in these moment, and we both know it. We sit down in front one of another. We dont take off our eyes one from another. And you hold my hands tight. With the other one, i touching your face. You look at down. With all my sweetness, i take your face, mentioning you a shy smile. You look at me and gently you caress my face, while approach your lips on my mouth. A sweetest kiss touch our lips.  ‘How much i need you right now’, you whisper me, face to face. ‘I’ll be always here, you know it’. What you want to tell me can wait. You looking at me, and it seems that these words, in some ways, have calms you. ‘How much i feel you close to me’, you whisper me. My heart, for a second, has stopped, while i still look at you, and you do the same, holding my hands tight.


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