By now



Im sure of this. We have a strange bond between us. I believed it was my lack of sleep, that vise, but also while i was sleep i’ve felt it And it was gets bigger and bigger. Then i have checked and you was there. I still shaking my head to all this that has been created around us. Me in this bedroom with my feelings and our minds connect one of another, and you on the other side of the planet. And the most beautiful and weird thing is that we dont know us eachother. But i feel you here, as if you was here close. I have choose this pic, because, it’s like you saying me ‘Do you still suprise yourself?’ Yes my Luke, i still surprise myself on what is happening among us. And i believe, eachtime is happens,¬† you feel something too. As if our parallel world wants make us feel, comprehend, that has clicked something in us, that link us, despite we are so far one fom another. Maybe, since when i’ve dream you, and you have told me what we know, it is began all that, or is it has began a little earlier. We dont know that. But im sure of one thing. When i feel our flow get connect one of another, i feel you closer than ever, and i’ll love that feel that has been created, till¬† does exists


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