I smile

augustman_moltiplikcai109And you know it on other side of the planet, beacause you feel the same i feel right now. And we must close our eyes at the same times and in that same moment we can feel ourselves transport in our parallel world, despite we are so far, one from another. I see our parallel in your eyes and what which i feel is only your closeness here in my bedroom, while the music is on and my heart is exploding, In our world we are in front one of another and we dont take off eyes one from another. What i feel is one of most big feel i ever felt in my life. And i feeling it with you. In your eyes what i see isĀ  a place where i would love to live. And your eyes let me do it. Your hand caress my face and mine touching yours, till touching sweetly your neo. I feel myself shake. My emotions overwhelm me. To be in this world we have created, since when our connect has began, is the most beautiful and magic place i’m in. And I still, wonder myself, if there is a minimum part of you feeling the same, that i feel in this moment, which im writing in this open diary. What is began few months ago among us, it’s still a wonderful mistery, and i dont want to reveal. What i feel, when i feel connect with you is the biggest feeling i ever had in my life. And if i must feel so, almost eachday, i’ll be one of the most happiest girl in the world. And if ever we will meet, we will know already what we will say.


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