How is it

Possible that i stil feel you close to me, despite our distance. Maybe you still thinking a little of me and that’s why, our flows are in a continuos movement between us. Or because in these hours, you, on the other side of the planet, me here alone withย  our music on, we are alone and our flows arrives more easily. We must need to do our little moves and we are in front one of another and the feeling we feel transport us in our parallel world. I need to close again my eyes, earlier to look at you. When i open them, you just caressing my face, mentioning me a shy smile. My heart explode among feelings and emotions. You can see them, trough my eyes. And when i place my hands on your chest, i feel your heart does the same. A whisper fly in the air ‘I havent hadย need of someone like you in this moment’. You look at me. These words. I remain so. Breathless, speechless. In these words all our lights begins to floating, while we touch eachother us our face, our skin. We dont take off eyes, one from another. We continuing to look at us. And really slowly, we approach, till to touch on our lips, without realizing it.


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