In silence

0054moltiplicaYou came, here in my bedroom. Till now you was far. But from a little a bit, i feeling you around, and you look at me. In some ways, im sure, you reading again, what i wrote you in that mail that i’ve sent you the other day. I dont know what are you think, but in some ways, something it remained in you. Our connect is so strong and now you understand something more you what feel inside of you. Maybe these few words have opened you, that you didnt still seen but you’ve had feel it inside you. Your feelings and our parallel world met eachother, and finally you comprehend what was that strange feeling you have had till now. Our parallel world that i’ve seen immediately in your eyes. Our parallel world that is, around us in this moment, and despite our distance, it make us feel so close, one to another in a such way, that we still dont completly¬† understand, but we feel it. It enough, to close our eyes and take a deep breath that we are in front one to another, and we begin to touch us, speechless.


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