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lmcm_fortedI was wake me up, i feel you around me like a spinning top. You was lay by my side and you’ve hold me tightly, as if you want me more close to you. I’ve feel your hands on my skin. And now you’re here, next to me, as if you dont want me lose. I feel you so close to me. My vise gets bigger and bigger. and maybe it’s what we need one from another. We need to feel close eachother in a way, that we didnt we had feel before. I feel you around me and i need to close my eyes to dont crazy and when i open them we are in front one of another and slowly we enter in our parallel world and, what we want to do right after is only touch our faces, our skin. We need to feel us, we are close for real, despite our distance. By now, im not suprise myself, if what i feel it’s the same you feeling too. Since i was wake me up, my head, our flows are in contact and what which i feel is only your closeness, here in bedroom. I feel you embracing me so tight, and what i see in your eyes, is only a sparkle light, that make me feel so quite and our parallel world is the only place i where i want to stay, while our feelings, almost, overwhelm one of another, while we hold us our hands, with no add words, for fear of ruining this magic atmosphere around us.


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