I could

Tell you a story on what your neo is telling me. Or i coud tell you a tale what which i see in of it. What which i see in of it is an universe, made of emotions, feelings and everything that coud explode around us. In your neo i see the world that slowly we have created. Our parallel world born from there.  From a little skin defect, i’ve find the most beautiful skin defect, i’ve ever seen. A little universe where i could lost myself only touching it. I could lost and found again myself in of it. I could find one of the most sensitive soul i’ve ever met in my life. You. And it could tell me something that nobody ever had heard. Touching it, sweetly with my finger, i could open one of your secret side, and to find something of marvellous, that either, you didnt know.
Let me, find out it. We are in front, one of another, now. We didnt take off our eyes, one from another, and sweetly we’ve touched till now. Take me my hand, let me touch it, and let me hear what it has to tell me.


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