What i’ve felt

loaded157_moltiplicaIt’s been as if an emotion tornado overwhelm me. I didnt cant hold back my tears and some of them, are fallen. I’ve had the sensation, that in that exact moment you’ve read what i wrote you. Let me believe in it. You’ve read what i wrote you and now you’re think a little to me. And now our parallel world get bigger and bigger, and now my sensantions has a real meaning for you. Because, now you know what was you’ve feel, and what was these sensations you have feel. I need to take a deep breath to dont drive crazy for real. What i’ve felt it’s been like punch in the stomach. My vise was already there, but those punch has been so strong. I never had this feeling thinking to you. Are we really connect? Despite our distance, we feel so close in this way, one of another. Did i feel, what you’ve felt, and it made overwhelm me emotionally? It seem so. It’s been the very first time i’ve felt in this way. The first time, from i feel this connect with you, and it has happened few hours after, i sent you my letter. Something real, is happening among us. Our parallel world gets bigger and bigger, trasforming itself in our real world.



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