Since when

daily162_moltiplicaI woke myself, i’ve feel your presence in the air. And now in Melbourne is 31 May. We know what day is this, but despite all this, i must to close my eyes and take the usual deep breath, because you’re by my side. When i woke myself i’ve feel you, as if you scream my name. You didnt wait my alarm rings. You’ve lay by my side and you holded me tight. I holded your arms too. Our parallel world was around. And i feel you still here, close to me. I need to close my eyes once again to see you in front of me. We are face to face, we can feel our breath gets faster and faster. You have on this white shirt, you know i drive crazy for it and you hold me tight. My hands on your chest, but you know what is my desire. I look at you and wait. Slowly you make me slide my hand into of it. You begin to kiss me so slowly. Your lips on my mouth, makes me drive crazy, while your shirt falls down from your shoulders to over your arms. You embrace me and lift me up in the air and then, sweetly, you slide me on your body, smiling me. Face to face, as if i was so light, we kiss one of another, as if it was there no end. Sweetly, i caress your face, while you lay me on the floor, continiuing to look at me, eyes in eyes and whispering me sweet words that you have never said to nobody’else. I remain speechless and right after you kiss me once again, while our lights floats around.


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