When i feel

andrewm14_moltiplicaYou in this way aint hard to imagine you here by my side. I feel your scent that around me and i must to close my eyes and right after to open them to have you in front of me, you smiling to me, and everything around, it transforms in our parallel world. You stay in front of me looking at me. My heart explode while i dive myself in your glance. You eyes telling me all ’bout you. We have no need to say nothing, because we are speaking trough our eyes. With, almost a while of shyness, your hands touches mine. You hold them, softly. You try to say me something, but you remain speechless. What we feel one for another, overwhelm us, and  we can remain arounded by our feelings. You still holding my hands and we dont take off eyes one from another. We hold our hands tightly. This night it is so.  We are remaining in this way, and it enough for us.  Our hands one in another. Our glance, one in another. Without say us nothing. Just our hands, our skin, our glances and only our lights floating, and our heart explode at each breath we make.


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