My head

blue125_forteHas began to explode suddenly and i know, you are whispering my name. I feel the sensantion of you around me. I close my eyes and i feel your arms around me. By now you come from behind and you move my hair and you whisper my name, and your whisper enter in me like a twirl and it make drive crazy. I take a deep breath and, despite i have on different music, what i feeling is your sweetness, and your eyes on me and everything around it transforms in our parallel world. I whisper your name. Since when i’ve feel your recall, my vise has gets bigger and bigger. Our connect begins  each day, always more earlier.  Our parallel world want us always more unites than ever. I dont know if you feel the same which i feel when i feel your connect with me. But it’s a beautiful feeling. Our mind get connect ourselves, and  what i feel, are our flows link themselves and my heart explode, and i feel your closeness here in my bedroom around. I feel it as a light white veil as if it embrace me, and my soul is like as if was melt in of it. It’s a strange feeling. I love it. I feel you so close to me in this moment. Maybe in this moment you look at up to the sky full of stars and you thinking a little of me. That’s why i’ve felt you. I close my eyes i smile to you, and in some ways you give it back to me. And in this way we feeling one of another so close.



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