If ever

mhpromo_forte0011You was really you, one of those visualisations, that i’ve seen earlier, i would have the certain that something link one of another. When i’ve seen them, million of questions were exploded on my mind. Was it this you have tried to tell me? In someways you take a look on what i write. Do you feel the same when i feel your closeness? My thoughts are go crazy, and now i’m calling you as if i scream. My breath gets faster and i feel our flows mixing up themselves in searching of a connection more strong. We must to close our eyes and to take a deep breath to find us in front, in our parallel world. I look at you with my eyes wide open, looking for something that can make me calm. If ever you was one of those visualisations, our connect is strong, but i will dont ever have the certainty, but surely there is somenthing. And here, i feel it, im sure of it.
There was something you wanted tell me And here it is. Your closeness, despite your distance. And i feel you close to me in this moment, a lot.


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