Tell me,

handface132_forteWhat i feel, is the same you’re feel too. Since when i woke myself, since i have feel you have embrace me, i have the sensation, that you are here with me. I feel, you still embrace me, and ours skin still touching. You from behind and i feeling your arms arounds me, while you whispering me all your desires, moving my hair and kiss sweetly my neck. I close my eyes, while you turn me and finally we are in front one of another, while our lights floating around us. We seems flying, but it’s only our perception. Slowly, we enter in our parallel world. We must to take a deep breath and in this breath we feel us so close more than ever. Our scents mixing up themselves. I feel yours and you feel mine. We standing in front, we dont move. Just waiting for that the other one, make the first move. We look at one in another.  Each of us knows what would  to do. You look at me, waiting for. I put my hand close to you. And rightafter, your silky white shirt takes flight and my hands touches your chest till arrives to your hips, while our bodies approach, without we realizing it. We didnt take off our eyes one from another. And our sensations expands. I’ve designed a variable map on your body, and you have caressed my face till to know each my neo. I remain hypnotized by your glance on me. For an instant we remain in this way.  But right after, we look at us one of another till our lips touches themselves, in little touches, without to kiss us really, and we drives crazy for it.


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