If you look

bw152forteiAt me in this way, you know what  you make me feel. Still this day when i’ve opened my eyes, when i was in bed, i’ve feel you that embraced me sweetly, and i have feel your bare chest against my back. If were so, each my  days i would put on signature. And now, that im writing, i feel your scent around me. I close my eyes and i try to recreate the sensation i have felt. My heart exploding. I feel you here, by my side. Our emotions around me. And if i look at you, i feel you do the same. While your eyes says me what you want me to do. With some shyness, but with all my desire, i do it. And, by now, in that gesture our parallel world welcomes us with our lights floating around us. You no say any words, but i see all what you want to tell me You taking my face in your hand, i dive myself in your glance, touching sweetly your neo and your soft skin. We no need to say nothing, ’cause what we must to know we know it already. By now, what we want to tell us, it has been told from long time.  But we living what we feeling as if it was the first time, and eachtime we surprise ourselves, about our connect and how we feel close one of another, also if we live so distant. What can i say to you, now only that i feel you so close to me and you’re here by my side and i feel these flow that come and go from you, i feel you.


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