Eyes in eyes

bluejacket_moltiplica0019And our parallel world explodes. As if we are in front, really. And our lights begins to floats arounds us. I know, you have somehing more to say me, maybe in a whisper. I look at you, and i cant hold my emotions, what im feeling is bigger than me and this flow that come and go from you, is so big that my heart cant contains it all. Also, this night, i was alone at home, and my thoughts were toward to you, i have feel your closeness, while i have had close my eyes. As if you was by my side and you embraced me, i was sorrounded by you, like in this moment, that i’m writing what i feel. Maybe i repeat myself, but im sure there is something among us, that link us one of another. And maybe we will never know what it is. More i look at you, in your eyes, i feel, that your eyes wants tell me something else. I see your shy smile and i give it back to you with the same shyness. And it wll seems strange to you, but each thing around me recall me to you. Maybe our parallel world wants say us something else more big, that we dont still understand completly. Each thing around me say me something about you, and i want to believe that the day we will meet will arrives as soon. In meanwhile i give you back my shy smile, diving myself in your glance.


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