You’re always

10_forteAround me, i feel your closeness, despite i dont know where are you now, you’re always by my side. Your scent is the air and it make me drives crazy. My thoughts are towards to you, after what is happened today.  This pic that i’ve choose penetrates me. You seems you smiling and in someways you are doing it.  I feel it. Your glance on me, almost hypnotize me.
I’ve just talk about you on twitter, and what i wrote is just the truth. You gave me such strenght to goes on, after what I had to face
But now what i which want to do is to enter in our parallel world with you. I want to look at you, to stay in front of you. To close my eyes and feel our feelings explodes around us. To listen, from your deep voice what i want you to say. I want to feel your soft skin on mine, your fingers to touch my lips. Your shy smile only for me. And our glances dive ourselves into our souls. And sweetly, we embraced, we see our lights floats in the air, like in a dance. And one moment after, we looking at one of another, slowly we approach us to give us one of the most sweet and infinite of the kisses.


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