I dont know

luke0034_forteHow to describe what i’ve had feel when i was going to sleep. I was half asleep, when i have feel the vise in my stomach. And then when i was woke up this morning, i’ve know that you’ve have had posted that thing in the same time i’ve feel it when i was in bed. How is it possible all this connection between us?? I must be used to, but eachtime it happens i remain speechless and even more breathless…In these hours im thinking to you  more than usual. And now for real, i think that what is happening between isnt  a coincidence, but it’s something more strong. Something i still dont understand, but it’s happens. What i feel is something that it goes beyond, and what i feel right now, is one greatest emotion i have ever feel till now. And all it comes from our parallel world. From, when i’ve knew, what you will do, im dreaming of our likely meeting, but what i know it’s only a dream. But let me to daydream. Our parallel world explodes around us and i see it through my amethyst ball in front of me. And around of me what i feel is only your closeness. I feel your embrace from behind and what i need is just to close my eyes to feel you that sweetly kiss my neck and gently you turn me around to kiss me in your own way.



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