I’ve waited for

0054moltiplicaTo whisper your name, i’ve look at you in your eyes. I’ve waited for a while and suddenly i’ve feel, you have feel it. I’m still slowly, whispering your name, but to the end our connect is began. It enough very little, and you have feel my recall. And now my bedroom is full of you. I take a deep breath and i feel you by my side. It enough a whisper to connect  us one of another? And our parallel world is ready to make us part of it? Is it so big our connect and we feel so close one of another. Our flows is began to comes and goes trough our minds and if we close our eyes, we can see our lights floats among us, and it enough to close our eyes for a second then open them right after to stay in front one of another and to feel ours caresses trough our emotions we feel, even knowing of our distance.
Is it enough only this to feel us so close one of another.?
Tell me if you feeling the same, because i really need to know it. Is it enough so few to feel you so close to me. Is our parallel world get bigger and bigger in this way?
These are all my questions i’m doing to myself each day. And i havent still look for the right answer. And you?


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