Inside of

owen109_fortteOf me i’m laughing, still surprise how i have feel you, I’ve checked it and you was there. Surely you have read what i have write. Surely you have smile. I stay here biting my lips, almost blushing with my heart is going crazy. I really think all that is crazy, but is what is happening between us, and i dont still know if it’s a coincidence or something more big, that we dont still comprehend, but it happens eachtime. My heart is go crazy with all which involves. Feelings, emotions, our parallel world and the other things. Above all i still wonder myself, how i have feel your closeness after this umpteenth thing that is happened few istants ago. I have feel your closeness get bigger and bigger and when i’ve check you was there, our connect has grow up so fast, and i’ve stop to do what i was doing to go here to write what i have feel, and if i close my eyes, but above all if i take a deep breath i feel you around me. What is happening is a little magic, a little magic that slowly is becoming more bigger between us.



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