lukelongjessica108_forte-2I was doing cyclette i’ve feel your presence around me. You was look at me, and my thought was towards to you. And this picture of you symbolize better your glance i have feel on me. Your look so intense and only for me. And im feel your closeness to me in this moment while i’m writing to you.
Your closeness is a persistent feeling i’m feel in these days. I dont know if you feel the same, but something it says me yes. Even now, i feel your closeness, you arounding me, whispering in my ears sweet words. And i must to close to my eyes for a second, to dont drive crazy. I feel your hands hold me tight, from behind, and i feel your shirt touch my back and you know it drives crazy me, and you stay in this way till you turn me round, and finally we are in front one of another. Your glance into my eyes, and i dont realize your hands approaching to my face and slowly approach your face, to kiss me. You give me one of the most sensual kiss you have gave me till now. You  leave me breathless. Right after i look at you and our parallel world shows us one of the most feeling we have feel till now.


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