By now

broke0011_forteWhat i feel it’s a constant feeling. By now, your closeness is a feeling which i need to feel and you give me it to me everytime i need it. As i told you, by now, you’re the only person with which i can talk freely. And what which i feel when i feel you close to me, is the only emotion i wish to live.
It’s from long time i feel our connect. Our parallel world doesn’t wants break away us. It link us, with its thin rope that each day gets bigger and bigger, and i must to close my eyes and take a deep breath to dont drive crazy. I feel our energy comes and goes one to another and sometimes, my head as if it explodes. You giving me the emotions that i always needed. As now. If i close my eyes i see you by my side, you look at what i’m writing here. But you turn me around and you make me stand up, and in front one of another, you leave me breathless with your glance just for me and you take my hand on your chest. Around us all disappears and suddenly become our parallel world with our lights floating around us. And all what we see are our emotions transforming in a moltitude of colors. Our hearts explodes at the same time, and the only thing we can do is looking at us, still for a second  and right after we kiss one of another to stop what we feeling, to dont drive crazy for what which we see arounds and for what we feeling, to take a deep breath. One of the great emotion we have feel till now, since when it is began our connect.



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