In the air


That smell, make me drive crazy, and my  thoughts are towards to you with your white shirt, and my thoughts go crazy. Since when i woke me up, i have feel your closeness. I have feel you lay by my side and i have feel you have holded me tight, as usually, when you woke me up in your sweet way. I’ve imagined you with this shirt, and my imagination has take the flight.  You’are the only person which i can tell these little things, without no shame. And maybe our parallel world is great, also because of these little things. In bed, i have feel you holded me tight, and i rembember to have feel your lips on my mouth. You have kissed me sweetly, and in that kiss, i have feel our parallel world explodes around us.
Now we are in front one of another, and i softly touch your white shirt and you make me slide my hand int of it, and slowly it falls down over your arms, to stay there, while you bring my face in your hand, and slowly you approach to me. Our lips touch ourselves. We dont kiss us, but only our lips caress ourselves. How we’ve kissed when you’ve woke me up this morning. My emotions are going drive crazy even now. Despite we are far, im feeling all that, as if we were really in the same bedroom, as if we were in front one of another. I feel your sweet lips on my mouth. What im feeling is just extrordinary. I know you feeling the same. I have the certainty of it.  We kiss eachother in our parallel world. Despite our distance, when we are in our parallel world together, we can feel these great emotions, we can only us, we can feel them.



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