I was sleeping


And you sweetly woke me up. I have feel you. Something it has said me to check, by now, you know what, and you was there. By now, i’m used to be to recognize our signal, but i still surprise myself, how i can feel also a little perception of you and how you send me also a little part of your sensations, trough our parallel world. And now this sensation, is around me as if you was really next to me. I still surprise myself how this connect get bigger and bigger each day it pass. How is it possible, all that is happening between two persons who doesn’t know eachother, for real. To the end, if ever we will meet eachother, the only question we will make us it will be ‘Are we know us already?’ And the answer will be in our eyes. It will be just necessary to touch us one of another to find it. In front one of another, everything we will feel, it will around us, and all arond us it will transforms in all what we have feel while we were far from one of another. In our parallel world.


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