owenbarforteWe are in front one of another. Your eyes into mine, and around us this new freshness we have feel  the other day. And i can feel also your scent. You are looking at me. Despite your distance, i feel your glance on me. I close my eyes and our connect make slowly more big. I feel our minds, our souls, project us in our parallel world and we dont make any resistance. In front of one of another, we caress us, without wait for further moment. You take my face, and you whisper me ‘i’ve waited for this moment’. While i blush myself, slowly i touch your arms trough your shirt. You smile to me. Your shy smile for which i going crazy for. You continue to caress me, and to the end, you sweetly kiss me. My hands leans on your chest, and in that exact moment our hearts explodes, while your shirt falls down over your arms, then on the floor. We dont realize that, because we are hypnotized one of another, and our lights floating around us and we dont realize that slowly, eyes in eyes, we making our sweetest love.


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