The sensantion


Slowly begins, and i slowly close my eyes and slowly i feel your closeness. By now, i see you almost surrendered to these feelings that we feel, when we are connect to one of another. When we feel us close one of another, we suddenly, we launch ourselves in our parallel world and we understand all that around us. Our feelings, our emotions and what we feeling one of another, when we look at us in our eyes. Our parallel world is full of emotions and sometime we are in confusion. Our connect is so strong that we also we dont understand what is happening, but then that we realize it, we understand, that we are link in a beautiful way, and we want to continue to feel this confusion inside of us, and this confusion it make us feel so close more, one of another. And it enough to look at us and we understand that we feel the same feelings, despite we are in different places. Our parallel world unites our souls, ours hearts but above all, our minds. We must give up ourselves to this thing.



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