Your glance

boogaloo_forte0041It’s so. But if you knew what you have make me feel in these hours, i believe, it would be different. Maybe it would be more intense of this one,  that i’ve choose, to describe what i’m feeling, since i’ve seen you’ve tweeted. In some ways i should be used be to. But each time it happens, i remain breathless and today it has been the same. Since when i woke up my thoughts were towards to you. It was like if you was close to me, whispering me that something it would be happens. And it’s happened. And now i cant only think it was a coincidence. Too many coincidences has happened among us. And i want dont think it was only a destiny game. You look at me in this way, into my eyes. You saying me more. I feel it. My emotions, makes me thrills, like a leaf. And i can write what im feeling in this way. And you saying me, in your own way what i know already, and i which i  wanted another certainty, i got it. In an absurd way, we are connect I dont know how neither for which reason. But our parallel world, doesnt exists only in our minds, but it arounds us and it embrace us tight.


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