I take

books_forte4A deep breath and in the air i can feel the same freshness i have feel the other day. And you have this white shirt on. And i feel you embrace me from behind. The freshness of the air, in someways, drives me crazy. You know it. And slowly, you turn me in front of you. We look at us in our eyes, entering in our parallel world. You bring my hand to your chest, and slowly you slide my hand into your shirt. I touch softly your bare chest and i feel your heart beats like a crazy. All around us it transforms. Our lights floating among us. You mentioning me a shy smile, while you kindly touch my face and you whisper me ‘Do it’, as if you was breathless. I remain speechless, fixing my hands that sliding slowly in your shirt. Without add further things, your shirt falls downs over your arms to stay there, while you hold me tight. This combination, drives me crazy. And you know it good. These rustles, your glances, our floating lights, my emotions, this air we can feel around us, leaves me breath and make me beats my heart fast. Slowly, you approach me. You whisper me ‘We stay in this way, for all time we wish’. I look at you in your eyes, saying nothing, while i touch your shirt on your arms. We look at us one in another, listening to our breath gets faster. Our feeling going drives crazy. And the only thing you can do is kiss me. In this exact moment what we feeling for one of another, disappear with us, in our world.


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