This time

luke0031_forteHere i am. I have feel your sweet embrace when i woke myself and now i feeling you here by my side, while im writing these few lines, here in my open diary.  I didnt surprised myself, when something inside of me, said me to check your favorite social and you was here. Inside me, something it has calms me down. But now it has began to overwhelm me, once again. And i’m here that i write what are my feelings. Our connect is stronger despite i dont know where are you. My vise in my stomach saying me, you feel something like this inside of you. Despite our distance, i feeling your whisper, your long breath, as if you was here in this bedroom.
All this is our parallel world and it say us, in its own way, that it wants unites us more than ever.
I feeling it, you feeling. Our minds hear it. By now, we are link in a way that also we dont explain one to another. I feel your closeness more than ever. We, together, are exceeded that border and always together, we are living these emotions. We are living in our parallel world, all this as if it was the first time, but we know it isnt. We are link since when i did that dream when you have said me all what we know.


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