My feelings


Are running faster, that i dont know what to think. I feel all that it comes from you, and it overwhelm me. The feeling i have feel till now, are changed, from the day to the night. The feelings im feeling im feel are stronger. Maybe im drive crazy, maybe not. I’m consider myself a reasonable person, and all what im feeling it’s like a new stuff. But i cant put away this: since when i was child, i have feel in situations that then, it were became real. I really i cant.
And what i’m feeling, when i feel you close to me, it’s like the same feeling when i was a child, but stronger. All that confuses me. And confuses me more the fact, that you’re the only person i confess all that. I feel you so close to me, in the most beautiful way, that i feel, i can open myself in this way, only with you. And i dont think to drive crazy, if one day will meet us i can express you all these emotions freely. And i believe, in a someway, you feeling, the same.
I know, i’m writing the same things from long time. But it’s what i’m feeling. I dont want a big public, for this open diary. I just hope these my few lines, one day will reaches to you, and you will understand all that.
Maybe our connect aint only fruit of my immagination. Maybe what im feeling and our parallel world, as i call it, it’s because there is a invisible line that unites us, and i have feel it, suddendly in that dream. And all that since that dream, it was expands. And our connect got bigger, also from the fact, that i had face to may physcal problems that also you have face to, in different way, but that you have understand, and in someways it unites us. Maybe it’s all this. Or maybe who knows, we will never knows it.



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