Once again

luketoby_contrario_sommaIf i take a deep breath, i feeling the freshness around me and my vise in my stomach. I know, all that comes from you. Our connect is always more strong. You’re here despite you’re not here. It’s enough to close my eyes to feel your closeness. Your eyes on me, and i can feel your deep voice whisper something. Slowly, we both, we enter in our parallel world and, despite our distance, now we are in front one of another. I only whisper ‘What’s going on to our senses?’. Here it  seems all expands. Does our parallel world has gone beyond?  Does it wants say us something more? I feel you more so closer than before. I can smell your skin. Here, around me, it becoming all white. Since i did realize what you know. Everytime my thought are towards to you, my heart make bigger, and i feel you in another way. More closer. As if you knew, what is going on. I feel you here by my side. My vise is growing fast, and i feel you whisper me ‘It’s fine, it must to happen, and it happening among us’. I looking at you, a little in confusion, but happy that all is happening between us. I take deep breath, and i feel your hands around me from back. Closing my eyes, i whisper you ‘Dont leave me. I need you more than ever’.



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