I just

owenk41_forteDid realize it only in this moment.  You are the person with which i open myself in this way. There is nobody else. I telling you things  i never have tought to say to anybody else. And i just did realize that now. Oh my. I telling you things, emotions, feeling i have never feel never before. And it is happening  with you. It sure, putting down these fews words, it seems, i falls down from a obvious thing. Maybe it is. But all that for me, it was normal. But something inside of me, made me see how things are. You ARE THE ONLY PERSON  i really need in this moment in my life really. And you are so far from me. It was like a little voice inside of me, it said it me that. Now. And aint a dream. You are the only person which i say my dreams, my thoughts, and above all my feelings.  But surely there is a valid reason for all that. Our parallel world. Since all is began, i have feel something special linked us. Also in this moment i feel our bond make bigger and bigger. And it was so simple open myself to you. But it’s also strange that i only now i do realize all that for real. You are the only person i really need to feel close to me.  I remaining speechless and breathless. You are the only person with which i would like to talk all the time.  I just did realize that, in this moment. Breathless… i looking at you.


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