bass006scuriIn a corner in my bedroom, but more closer. Now i feel you here next to me. We smile us one of another. I’m here, writing what i feel, looking at you, you sat  more close to me. If i close my eyes i can feel your smell, and that it drives me crazy. You know it. We look at us one of another. Slowly you stand up, and you come behind me, to see what i write. I blush myself. I stop myself, for a second. You brush me away my hair, and slowly, you whisper me ‘Continue’. Breathless, i take a deep breathe, closing my eyes for a second, and in that second i have feel your lips on my neck. A thrill runs away from my body. You take my fingers and you push them on this keyboard. And rightafter, we are in our parallel world. Slowly you turn me around and you stand me up.  We are in front, one of another. We look at us deeply. We smile. I blush myself, i biting my lips. Softly, you take my face in your hands and you begin to whisper me sweet words i never have heard from nobody’ else. What i which i need, want, is to see you trough your eyes. Your sweet touch leave me breathless. You bring my hand to your face. With no say nothing i caress it. And our lights floating between us, like a dance. We dive ourselve in our glances, slowly we disappear.


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