What i smell

480forteIn the air is this moment it’s the same freshness i have feel that day, when we were in our parallel world and all around us it was white. I feel the same freshness, and you are here close to me. My vise in my stomach gets bigger and bigger. In someways, i dont know how, but i’m sure you feeling the same. I look at you, and i think to what is happened yesterday. Still surprise myself. But now something it says me, that we are more close than before. This atmosphere, here in this bedroom is changed. I see you here, despite our distance. And now all that it gives me a thrill. Something it says me, that ours parallel world has gone deeper. This fresh air that i’m feel around me, i have feel it only one more time. When we has passed beyond ours first level of our world. Are we passing another level of our connect? Each step i doing, is a new step for reach to you? Look at me and tell me what is happening. Dont tell me i’m not the only one, who feels these feeling, because, by now i dont believe it anymore.
What i feel, when you’re close to me it has something of incredible. You make me feel  alive. And feel again, this  fresh air, in this bedroom, it made me thought to that night. Another level of our parallel world. Are we reach to us one of another more faster and we dont realize it.



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