If i still

talkchiaroeFeel your closeness  i can only to write what i feel. My feelings are so stronger and my vise in my stomach gets growing up faster and faster. And if you look at me in this way, i surrender myself. Yes, i feel you close to me and I can not do anything about it. Our parallel world is more stronger than before. I know it, you know it, we both know it. I close my eyes and i take a deep breathe, and you are her by my side. I feel your closeness, despite our distance, and it’s stronger than ever. I must to close my eyes, but my vise doesnt disappears, on the contrary get bigger and bigger. Now i feel you behind me, you look at what i’m writing, and i smell your skin.  Im going drive crazy. Maybe i will dont hold back some tears, maybe they will falls down, maybe not. These feelings that i’m feel, they overwhelms me. I can feel something is reaching to you, i can bit my lips and close my eyes and dive myself in our parallel world, where you are waiting for me. Now we are in front one of another. We looking at us. You dont say me anything, but you make me understand what you wish. Without taking your eyes off me, you bring my hand on your chest… and i play my game. Slowly it falls down over your arms. Your eyes remains fixed on me. For a second we remain in this way, while our lights slowly, floating between us. I close my eyes and that rustle, make me drive crazy. I open my eyes, in the exact moment your shirt begins to fall down over your arms, and it remains there. I dont realize that you are approaching me. I was remain hypnotized by that silky shirt. It made me drive crazy. Slowly you take my face in your hand and  you look it up at, metioning a shy smile. Slowly you approach me and sweetly you lay your lips on my mouth, kissing me.


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