It’s incredible

glance_scuri5How i feel you so close to you, when i enter in my bedroom, especially in this bedroom, where is began our connect, so suddendly. I feel your embrace, despite our distance. And despite our distance, i feel you here, by my side. I no need to close my eyes, but i close them, to feel more your closeness. My vise in my stomach is making strong. And that is the signal you thinking, in someways, to me.  I ask myself, often, ‘what do you think’. Now i must to close my eyes and take a deep breath, ’cause you’are next to me, watching what i’m writing in this open diary.  I feel, you metioning a shy smile. I smiling too. And you turn me around. Now, we look at us one in another, without say nothing. We only need of our glances. You let me breathless. In your eyes i see our parallel world, and it the only thing i really need in this moment of my life. In yours eyes i can see the calm, a peaceful place to stay with you, also in silence, hands in hands, eyes in eyes. You and me. Only us.


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