luketoby570_contrario_forteThat i know you look this way, it will be hard to imagine you in other way. And i close my eyes and i take a deep breathe, whispering  your name and i waiting for that it slowly coming to you, and our magic fulfilled, and the gates of our parallel world opens. Already i feel something is reaching to you. My mind is filling of ours  energies flows. and slowly i feel your closeness by my side. It’s strange how our parallel world works. It’s enough that one of us, whispers one of our name, and slowly we are connect, also if we are on other side of the planet. Our souls, our minds travel so fast, and in a second, we are in front one of another. And our emotions make  drive crazy our hearts. We must close our eyes for a second, and right after, we can feel we bring our hands to our hearts. We both, we don’t take our eyes off each other. We can see our lights begin their dance around us, and the only thing we can say, always in a whisper is ‘Look, what we feel one for another’. And without realizing it, we are approach us, so slowly, that our lips touch and we melting us in the longest kiss we have given ourselves. And slowly we disappears in it.




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