You are

instadforteSmiling at me, but this stuff among you and me, almost scares me a while. Few days ago i have feel that shortly you would have tweeted.  And you have do it. I really dont what to think. In meanwhile that woke myself i have feel my vise in my stomach. You was lay down close to me, embracing me. I have feel you. You was, as always so sweet. Our connect is growing up so faster. Our parallel world wants say us something, but i cant still decipher what. For sure, it say us, we are connect, and this i know, you have feel it, we know it. What has happened last december, has something of incredible, but to reaching to feel something that will happens within few days, it has something that goes beyond. And i still cant believe it. Do you feel the same feeling i’m feel?? Tell me yes, if not, i drive crazy. I really dont know what i to think.  Your embrace, this afternoon, was one ot the most sweet i have had. And now, if you let me think, it was at the the exact time you have tweeted. My mind is exploding. By now, i dont care if you dont take a look at this open diary (or you look at it, who know), i’m not sure how has happened, that rope unites us strongly. I dont need to have the crystal ball, to see what you do or what you will do, i only need to feel my emotions, my vise in stomach, your embrace, and i will know that you’re doing something or you will do something in few days.


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